Is your retic ready for Summer?

It’s time to start thinking about your gardens and getting them prepared for the Summer months.

Reticulation can save time, money and water, but to keep them performing at their best, they do require some regular maintenance. Before the heat really sets in, it might be a good time to give yours a bit of an annual check up. Here are some indicators that may suggest you need to undertake some maintenance;

Unwanted water features and fountains
Reticulation leaks are often caused by broken retic sprinkler heads, or root damage caused to your irrigation pipe work, by bushes, trees, and plant roots.

Reduced pressure and blocked sprinkler heads
Blocked sprinkler heads are one of the main causes of patching within your lawn. Patches of Brown dead grass appear slowly over the first few months of spring and summer, then before you know it the law is half dead. .

Solenoid valves not operating
At the heart of every irrigation system is the solenoid valve. This elusive piece of equipment normally lies in the ground, and would ideally be surrounded by a “fit for purpose” irrigation solenoid box. However they are prone to environmental factors like water ingress, root damage, traffic damage and general wear and tear.

Controller no longer working
Most retic controllers will last for many years without any problems, but occasionally they will go bad, and in most cases replacement is the cheapest and quickest form of action.

System won’t shut down
In most cases a system that won’t shut down can be attributed to a faulty reticulation solenoid valve, or a faulty controller.

High water bills
You may have a leak in your retic system, or it could be your reticulation controller acting up, or it could just be a programming issue.

If you would like any assistance with any retic repairs or new installations, please give us a call on 9493 8200 and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote.  

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