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Water Bores Installation

Perth has an easily accessible water table and so it makes sense to install a water bore at your property. Water bores allow you to water your garden more regularly by drawing water from the underground water supply. Bore water also has the earth’s natural minerals which will help your garden to thrive, unlike scheme water which has been highly treated to make drinking water.

At ADD Water Reticulation, we specialise in the installation and maintenance of new and existing water bores across all of the Perth metro area.

We have a great depth of knowledge in 4 “domestic” and 6 “commercial” irrigation bores to depths of up to 70m in most types of formations (excluding granite areas) and only use quality pumps and parts.

Our maintenance and repair teams have over 42 years’ experience, collectively, in the industry, so we are fully equipped to assist you with all of your requirements including;

  • Automating your system by installing a quality irrigation / retic controller
  • Insurance work. If your water bore has stopped working you can often claim it through your home insurance under motor fusion or burnt out motor, which can be caused by a power surge or lightning strike
  • Replacement of submersible and centrifugal bore pumps
  • Reduction of iron oxide in water bores
  • Water bore bacteria treatment solutions
  • Location of solenoid valves and broken pipes
  • New Bore check valves
  • Electrical repairs for bore and irrigation systems

If your bore or reticulation system needs repairing or isn’t working 100% we can help fix the problem and get your system working once again.



Benefits of a bore

  • A green luscious garden all year round
  • Green Lawn to cool your house in summer
  • Benefit from natural nutrients to feed your garden
  • Preserve precious drinking water
  • Add value to your home
  • Bore is small and can be hidden under paving and garden beds
  • Can water three days per week
  • Save money from filling swimming pools


We provide water-wise accredited systems, please visit://www.watercorporation.co.au/save-water for more information.


Water Bores Perth






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