Ez-Flo fertilising

EZ-FLO systems are the newest and most innovative fertigation product on the market for both residential and commercial properties.

Fertigation, as the name implies, is the process in which fertilisers are applied with the irrigation water: Fertiliser + Irrigation. Fertigation has various advantages over other fertilisation methods, and when properly used, it saves time, water, inputs and money.

Ez-Flo Fertigation

EZ-FLO Fertigation Systems

– Installed in minutes
– Uses any liquid or water soluble product
– Only refill every 6-8 weeks
– combine multiple products
– Works with both drip and spray irrigation
– Connects straight to your main line

Saves TIME
– Feeds the entire garden
– lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers
– Feeds continuously in small amounts for optimal results

– Uses up to 90% less fertiliser due to superior nutrient absorption
– Uses up to 52% less water
– Reduces and or eliminates insect and weed control requirements

Eco friendly
– Eliminates fertiliser run off
– Eliminates exposure to toxic chemicals
– Organic and natural product choices

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