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Green Lawns Fast – Save 40% on Water Costs

The Team at Add Water Reticulation feel that investing in a fully automated waterwise irrigation system will bring much value, not only to your landscape but to your back pocket too, in ways of real water savings. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system can bear many variables and having the right experienced people on the job is fundamental in getting it right. We take care and make sure that each hydro-zone (station) is split up to match the water requirements of the planted area and using the right type of sprays, rotors, or drippers for each area is fundamental in achieving an efficient system.

Spacing sprinklers evenly and using the right series nozzles for each hydro-zone comes down to a good retic design and understanding how each component performs. We pride ourselves on using quality irrigation components from leading global manufacturers whilst avoiding the cheap imports. Brands of the like of Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, Netafim, Nelson, Iplex, Antelco, Neta, Hansen, Orbit, Bermad and Plasson are all utilised in a range of different applications.

Whether we are installing an irrigation system from a compliant mains plumber’s cut-in or a new or existing bore water system we measure the flow rate prior to starting the installation. Understanding that different types of sprinklers has a flow rate in litres per minute at a given pressure is fundamental in achieving good uniformity across the landscape. Ensuring that not only do you have good pressure and coverage but also scheduling the run times of each station correctly to eliminate dry spots and overwatering.

There are many other options we can offer in addition to installing a quality irrigation system to save water. We also offer weather based wifi controllers which effectively adjust run times depending on weather data. Rain sensors or soil moisture sensors is a must on every installation so the system shuts off when we have a rain event or soil is wet enough. Water smart nozzles, pressure regulation and pressure compensated emitters combined with all above will achieve an effective waterwise system.

Please feel free to get in touch with the friendly team to discuss all of your reticulation installation and watering needs.

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